Ralphie dee - new york grooves volume 5

Turner, age 10, from Savannah, Georgia, is so excited to perform in Finding Neverland . Other National tour: Newsies (Les). Regional premiere of Mary Poppins (Michael Banks). He has been the featured child performer with the Historic Savannah Theatre cast in over 100 shows since age 5. Turner would like to give credit to his grandfather for his musical talent and special THANKS to Barry Kolker and to the dedication and support of his parents in supporting his dreams.

In late 89' he began his era in the recording studio and began working with Tommy Musto and Lenny Dee. This was just the exact time that the rave scene in the began to take shape. Frankie Bones, Lenny and Tommy had all just come back from their first trips to the . What they brought back changed the face of the american club subculture as thousands of kids were dancing in fields to records that they had all created with a huge success. Ralphie and Lenny Dee did their first collaboration called "Outtakes" on pioneer New York record label Nu Groove. Once the EP hit the UK this caught the ear of UK promoters and in early 1990 Ralphie was booked to play in the . this experience went on to alter the course of Ralphie's life just like the Saturday Night Fever craze did 15 years earlier as on his return to the States the second collaboration that Lenny and Ralphie did "Major Problems - Ovderdose - again for Nu Groove enetered the UK Record Mirror charts.

Ralphie Dee - New York Grooves Volume 5Ralphie Dee - New York Grooves Volume 5Ralphie Dee - New York Grooves Volume 5Ralphie Dee - New York Grooves Volume 5